Life Lessons – By Monica Gellar

Everyone knows a Monica. Whether loved or loathed, the fictional character for the last 20 years has highlighted a personality template that rejoices in order, rules and the status quo. Though not always the recipe for wonderful moments of spontaneity and rushes of adrenaline, such a vanilla attitude to life can often increase productivity levels and lower the risk of stressful situations occurring. Monica Gellar is, without doubt, a role model, for those of us who struggle to obtain order and display unwavering discipline in our day to day lives. Arguably, we now live in an era where multitasking is a crucial, expected skill if we want to at least doggy paddle our way through life. Many of us trying our hardest not drown in the magnitude of work, relationship and life pressures that engulf us straight after we remove that shielding graduation gown and step into the world our parent’s affectionately call, the real one.

Perhaps not the most fun, nor the most talked about the character of the Friends saga, Monica Gellar cements herself as worthy life inspiration throughout the 10 series, offering up some crucial lessons from beginning to end.

Lesson 1… Tough Love. 


Way back, before Friends had even reached its highest point of popularity, an early episode highlights 1 of many lessons Monica offers. In short, she takes her best friend under her wing and teaches her how exactly to be an ‘adult’, without using the endearing crutch of parents. Offering her a roof over her head but blocking the passage to an easy way out of her financial difficulties, Monica masterfully showcases how a non-bull approach can often prevail. Proving that life is a lot easier to navigate if you have a girl pal, like Gellar who is unafraid and willing to hand you a dose of that sucky, tough love.

Lesson 2… Be agressive, B.E agressive. 

Way before Kristin Dunst even put on a cheerleader’s outfit, Little Harmonica showed a generation of females that though it is also ok to navigate a tricky situation through well thought out words and compromise, taking a more aggressive stance can be equally, if not more effective. Reminding us that kicking butt is something we should all unapologetically do from time to time. Apologising for getting up and going to grab hold isn’t something Monica endorses.

Lesson 3… Don’t give up your dreams for anyone.


Turns outs even in fictional lands, achieving your dreams, and your ‘life goals’ takes some sacrifice. Whether it be as specific as landing a role as head chef or simply deciding that you do one day, you do want to have children, knowing when to cut your loses is crucial. The people around don’t always need to have the same aims as you, but they do need to respect the importance your aims play in your life. As Monica displayed through her heartbreaking, yet necessary split from our favourite moustache, figuring out what will be important to you in the future and let that guide your decisions isn’t always easy, but often necessary.

Lesson 4… Food is something we should celebrate, always.

Throughout the transition of Monica’s character from overweight teen dancing the night away with her trusty doughnuts, to the high-flying chef, who completely rocked those knee-high leather boots; Monica has always held onto the fact that many of us know deep down is one of life’s most valuable lessons. Food in all forms is simply one of life’s many gifts. Though, as Monica learned to indulge in all cravings may not be the wisest move, she teaches us that cooking, eating and celebrating for, and with your nearest and dearest is one of life’s many pleasures and a complete luxury we are all guilty of taking for granted…Anyone for a doughnut?

Courtney Cox Dancing In A Fat Suit As Fat Monica On Friends



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