Rooting For The Roots

When looking at the food forecasts for 2018, an exciting array of innovative and colourful images will greet you at the end of your Google search. Whether it be the newest superfood powders that promise to, without doubt, cure all sorts of health concerns, or the ever controversial M&S cauliflower steak; it may be easy to start filling our baskets with an array of unexplored, questionably expensive trends.




However, despite retailers such as Whole Foods and Holland & Barrett rejoicing in niche trends, organic labeling and innovative alternatives, the evidence that supports the well thought through marketed products can historically disappoint, and leave us wishing we had spent those extra £’s on our ASOS shopping basket instead. For many of those who are looking to improve their diets and overall well being it is easy to get caught up in trying to replicate the exotic plates the masses of foodie Instagram pages offer up and disregard the simplest of ingredients.

*in steps root vegetables.*




Despite the many negative connotations historically attached to this food family; Bland, stodgy, the thing your Mum always made you eat… many of its members have stood strong throughout many nutrition based studies. With many in the dense field of nutrition highlighting the need for the nation to drastically up their intake of the many of dietary components the root vegetable harbours, such as fiber, vitamin A, folate, and magnesium to name a few; throwing in those extra carrots could be way more beneficial than you may think. As easy additions to many everyday dishes, and often as equally nutritious as the newest food trend filling your Instagram feed, root vegetables really do deserve to be taken out from the shadows of the food cupboard, and finally, have their time in the spotlights of the Nation’s kitchens.


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