When Your Motivation Is Nowhere To Be Found

Whether it’s starting a new exercise regime, promising to dedicate your time to mastering the piano or striving to expand your knowledge of the French language beyond “bonjour” and “un baguette”, despite our best intentions the bundles of motivation we begin with often dwindles faster than we expect. Though some people’s willpower can triumph for a while longer than others, knowing some easy ways to quickly turn a  negative mindset into a power driven one can benefit us all at some point.

Borrowing from others… 

With most of us universally agreeing that comparing ourselves to others in any way is detrimental to any of our own goals and mental health,  using the achievements and determination of others can be a great tool when used correctly to motivate ourselves. Our admiration for the journeys others have taken to run a marathon or write their first novel can act as our inspiration rather than becoming an opportunity to highlight what we have yet to accomplish. At times when motivation is lacking, embodying the ‘can do’ attitude of the individuals we see successfully reaching whatever aims they have set themselves, can sometimes be the nudge we need to take a step closer to the goals we have set ourselves.

Borrowing from your future self…

a technique used by many when they feel less than their best, visualisation is a method known worldwide. Without a doubt, something that benefits from some practice once conquered it can arguably be applied in all aspects of life. In short -treating your goals as accomplishments you have already achieved, mentally eliminates any possibility of not accomplishing your goals. Though slightly trickier to apply in the short term and not actually physically effective, the ‘mind over matter’ mantra is endorsed by a range of people in a range of industries. If your main battle is with your own trail of negative thoughts, this might be a useful avenue to explore.

Enjoying The Smaller Triumphs… 

More often than not, the goals we set ourselves are rarely achievable in a short amount of time. As the often Pin’terested saying goes ‘Nothing worth having is ever easy’ and if you set aside the cheesy undertones of such a statement, it can’t be argued that this is often true. Ergo, our motivation has to either have extraordinary endurance; or we lose it all before much progress has been made. To avoid this catch 22, many agree that allowing a bit of self-love along the long road towards the finish line is not only beneficial for our motivation but also for our mental contentment. Regardless how far along the journey we are, any progress is progress, and worth a celebration.

And As Nike says…

“You can do it.” Simply reminding yourself of your own capabilities and strength is more important than ever if you’re setting yourself specific goals. As much as negativity can fog our thoughts when we are pushed to our limits, talking to yourself as if talking to a friend can be endlessly motivating. Whether truly believed or not, telling yourself that you can it do is one of the easiest steps to take towards cementing motivation. Even if you feel such a statement is premature, giving yourself a pep that even Mr.Motivator would be proud of is something that can be done in a matter of seconds.

The reality is that no one possesses a constant flow of sky high motivation. With social media encouraging huge misconceptions of the mind set of others, simply taking some time to examine what motivational tools work for us individually, rather than focusing on the achievements and failures of others, is age old advice that many of us forget to follow but happily give out.


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