The Reign Of The Vloggers

As our screens continue to be full of the wonders of reality T.V, it seems the options are endless when choosing your own personal dose of easy watching. From the Kardashian’s empire of shows to the joys of watching someone squirm in a box full of Austrailia’s creepiest pests; it seems like every corner of reality T.V has been explored. In more recent years, this trend has begun seeping into the online realms at an impressive speed. With our enjoyment of visual insights into individuals lives reflected in the astonishing statistics achieved by many popular video bloggers or ‘vloggers’, it could be said that they have tapped into an opportunity to captivate an audience with minimal preparation and effort. Creating content which evolves around the routines of everyday life, just with a few more “I woke up like this” moments thrown in. From beauty gurus to those who are a dab hand in the kitchen, vlogging has become a useful tool for many who wish to establish themselves within a wider spectrum of markets. 


With the mainstream popularity of vlogging only fully establishing in more recent years, those who began their Youtube life before the trend sky rocketed have witnessed the power that a well established Youtube presence can have on a career. The combination of a constant flow of content and some tactful brand collaborations has arguably become the magical concoction used by many. As online public figures begin to overtake the popularity of the traditional celebrities, their current influence over market trends, product popularity, and cultural movements is undeniable; but is this new media trend really a refreshing break from the images of perfection often thrown our way? Contrary to the ‘original’ Youtubers who were entering unknown territory, today’s market is becoming increasingly congested, full of those hoping to ride the wave of self-made success all the way to the top.  Due to this extreme level of supply, it may be said that branding and having a unique point of difference have become critical factors for individuals aiming to use vlogging as a supplement to their online presence. As such tools continue to be put into play on a huge scale, maintaining relatable, authentic content whilst still maintaining a captive, loyal audience is a challenge that has caused some scepticism from both those outside and inside the industry. 

Though despite the reservations, some may have about the genuineness of those embracing the current trend, it can’t be understated that contrary to much of the media we are accustomed to, vlogging has allowed individuals to not only gain a sense of genuine community but also provides an outlet that encourages creativity and self-sufficiency. As with every trend, video blogging offers a landscape of opportunity for those brave enough to utilise it. Those who bare it all and allow an insight into their unedited lives have arguably empowered many others to follow suit. In turn, it may be highlighted that many unearthed social issues have benefitted from the popularity of the platform, as those within the industry often use their prime positions to promote, explore and discuss issues such as Mental Health and the LGBT community.  With other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook jumping on the live feed and personal video bandwagon, it appears vlogging has well and truly become a vital feature of today’s online platforms. Whether used to communicate with family and friends via a 10-second video or used 0n a much larger scale, it seems we are all after more ways to connect with people on a more personal level,  and perhaps vlogging will continue to allow just that.

Photos are not my own.



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