For The Ones Who Dream And Need To Pay The Rent

Highlighted in the latest cinematic obsession, La La Land presents the catch 22 for many who dream big. In a time where possibilities are endless and social media connects you to every corner of the globe, are we still ultimately bound to putting our dreams aside and graciously stepping onto the path of financial stability and social security?


As we leave the blissfully structured years of education and take the leap into full-blown adulthood, the realities of society can often throw a fatal punch to our ultimate goals. As graduates bursting with excitement and determination attempt to jump into their desired industries at full speed, road humps in the shape of unsuccessful job applications and student loan repayments can cause inconvenient alterations to our plans. Ploughing through such discouragement is often easier said than done. With many industries now ranking hands on experience much higher than a qualification or degree, it’s no wonder that even for unpaid internships, the competition is fiercer than Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance.

With the reality of many being a begrudged acceptance that rent has to be paid one way or another, at what point does it become discouraged to follow a dream? Is it that the world simply demands a more practical approach to life once an individual has obtained some sort of educational achievement? It seems despite many encouraging stories that highlight the rewards for an unwavering pursuit of a dream, most have experienced at least some doubt that what they’re pursuing will result in the end goal that they desire. Specifically, in the creative industries, this sentiment is reflective of many. Balancing the expectations that we ourselves have implemented, the financial demands of life, and the determination not to let our dreams reside in the pipes, isn’t always an easy undertaking.


With those falling into dream jobs in their 20’s often being the rare exceptions, it seems important to take some comfort in knowing that most of us are sitting, hoping that we are in some way working towards our end goals, whilst pondering life over our perfectly assembled smashed avocado. As we are often told, it is impossible to predict all the curve balls, and opportunities that may be thrown our way, so surely taking the time to invest in our dreams regardless of the end results can’t be all that damning? The strides taken to fulfilling short and long term goals aren’t always accompanied with the physical reward we often expect, however taking some time to remind ourselves of the huge benefits of doing something just because you freakin’ love it, not for the benefit of our bank accounts or place on the career ladder is an action a lot of us rarely carry out. With contradictory expectations and an influx of advice coming in from all directions, it seems that placing a trust in the fact that everything will work out, if we are adamant with our efforts is a seemingly naive, yet vital attitude to have when trying to get through the plight of being a 20 something relatively unscathed.


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